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Monica Guilarte

It has been over a year that FMS Financial Solutions hired Monica Guilarte to assist with the litigation aspects of our collections firm that specializes in multi-family housing and medical debt recovery.

We have been extremely pleased with the level of professionalism and execution exhibited by Ms. Guilarte. In particular, she is a very fast learner, researches her cases impeccably, and handles all of our accounts with integrity and sound judgment. She has the take-charge personality needed to excel in this line of work, along with the organizational and communication skills necessary to succeed in the field of collection law. I can highly recommend Attorney Monica Guilarte for your business needs.

FMS Financial Solutions

Ms. Guilarte is by far one of the premier lawyers in the state of Maryland. She is quick and effective, performing above and beyond expectation. I have personally worked with her and although it was an unexpected incident, she was responsive at the most inconvenient time. Ms. Guilarte is extremely knowledgeable, professional and gives you all the details upfront, no hidden secrets. I knew that to her, it’s not about the money but the representation of the client and the overall outcome. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs them.


Ms. Guilarte is a qualified, competent attorney who continuously works on your behalf! Working with Ms. Guilarte was a breath of fresh air, she not only listened to me; Ms. Guilarte went the extra mile to make sure as a client I was represented to the best of her ability and with the highest integrity and professionalism. If you need to get the job done with superior results, one attorney comes to mind…Ms. Guilarte, without a doubt!!! I turned to her for a referral and Ms. Guilarte said…I can do that….and she did it without hesitation, she got the job done…quickly! If you need an attorney don’t look any further, Ms. Guilarte is someone you need on your team!!!.


Ms. Guilarte and her office provided me with wonderful service and information concerning my case. I contacted her with legal questions about my case and with her extensive knowledge in Law, she helped me Win my case!


I contacted Attorney Monica Guilarte for a Collections matter that I was having trouble resolving on my own. Monica jumped in asked the right questions and got in contact with the other parties promptly. Although the other attorney was difficult to deal with, Monica stood her ground and ensured that we came out with the best settlement to meet my needs. Monica refused to take no for an answer and fought to make sure that our case was settled with terms that were manageable. I hope that I don't have another collection matter that I need to deal with, but if I do or anyone I know, I know who to call! At times I got extremely busy with my day to day life and Monica made sure that she contacted me daily with updates on the case no matter how significant. With everything else going on in my day to day life, it was nice to know that I had an attorney on my side that was knowledgeable and had my best interest at heart. Thank you Monica for all of your hard work on my case.. YOU ROCK!!!!


I called Ms. Guilarte for some quick legal advice which was needed urgently. Ms. Guilarte not only responded in the quickest manner but had all the answers to my questions including much needed advice. I believe Ms. Guilarte is a very skilled lawyer, she gives wonderful customer service, and I've never felt more comfortable as her client. I will only be using her services in the future.


I will highly recommend Ms. Guilarte to anyone that needs a responsible and trustworthy attorney. Ms. Guilarte resolved my case of mistaken identity in a timely and successful manner. Her knowledge of the judicial system is of great compassion. I will continue to acquire Ms. Guilarte's services in the future if ever needed. Job well done!


We are a very large dental practice and Monica Guilarte has been handling our collections. In the past, the attorney that was handling our collections did a very poor job. It is a pleasure to have Monica handling everything for us. We look forward to a long and meaningful relationship with Monica.


I've worked with Monica on and off for about 5 years now and I assure you it's been a great 5 years. I wouldn't dare go into a court room without her by my side. What makes Monica unique is her drive and commitment to her career and doing anything and everything it takes to get the job done. She's gone above and beyond for me time and time again and I'm forever thankful for this. These days, good people who take pride in what they do are getting harder and harder to find. Monica falls into that rare category of smart, hard working and driven, all rolled into one. She's not only very good at what she does (winning cases in the courtroom) but she's also a very kind, giving and genuine person as well. Trust me, when it comes time to hit the courtroom, that drive, commitment, attitude and mindset that Monica brings to the table is the exact reason you should want her by your side. Long story short, Monica is awesome and I 100% highly recommend her!


Hired Monica when I had had been pulled over for driving with a suspended license in MD. She stated that she didn't work specifically with traffic court but would refer me to another attorney who would. She made a call, I showed up in court and my case was dismissed. No fee or anything. She is amazing beyond words. I would definitely be recommending her to other friends and family.


Ms. Guilarte took our case even after we had been told by another law firm that it wasn't worth pursuing and that there wasn't a chance of us getting anything from it. Ms. Guilarte not only took our case but advocated for us every step of the way and helped us receive what we rightfully deserved. Ms. Guilarte was professional and kept us up to date, via email and calls at every turn. She knows what she's doing and explains it to you in ways you can understand. We are beyond grateful for her dedication and hard work. For taking what other seemed impossible and making it possible.


Monica was terrific, professional and highly efficient at resolving my car accident case. I found her communication with this matter to be outstanding and meticulously thorough! I would definitely recommend her services to anyone in need of high quality legal assistance.


My son was in worse shape then I thought. He was missing 24 hours, and of course I thought the worst. He finally called, from jail. That's when the ball started rolling. I knew of Monica and called right away. To say the least it was an amazing experience. She took the case and handled everything with expertise. My son was over eighteen, so it was now in his court. She was tough but extremely fair. She kept him out of jail and got him in a program that did indeed save his life! It's been four years now and he has come a long was. thank you, thank you!!


After suffering injuries from a car accident that was not my fault, I decided to obtain legal counsel. I had to endure intense medical treatment and was left with a physical injury that will last the rest of my life. Monica worked very hard to make sure that I was informed the entire time of my rights and my options, and kept me up to date on everything. She also responded back to emails within a timely manner. After being through so much both physically and emotionally, Monica really helped to calm me. The settlement covered my medical bills and future expected treatment. I was very happy with my experience with her and her team, and would definitely recommend her to a friend or family member.


Monica is the ultimate council professional you would want to represent you. She is an achiever, open-minded and really focus on solving your issues by providing the best customer care available. I truly appreciate her help associated to my car accident case. She took charge of the situation from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend her services. She is driven and passionate about her craft. You will not be disappointed!


Monica has handled debt collection for my business for the past 2 years and has done a great job managing delinquent accounts in a professional manner. Communication is always prompt.


Ms. Guilarte displays the ability to help people in a way that no one else can. She actively listens, lets you tell your story and ensures you don’t just feel like a number. Ms. Guilarte is a real professional who has a thorough understanding of the law. Highly recommend her services.


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