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A DUI charge doesn’t always lead to a conviction. Your best course of action is to hire an attorney with plenty of DUI law experience. Let our Columbia DUI lawyer review your case and navigate the legal process on your behalf. Failing to hire a savvy DUI attorney often results in guilty verdicts which leads to losing your driver’s license, expensive fines, and even incarceration.

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The Legal Guidance You Need

We understand you are in a bad position. It does not matter if you were intoxicated, slightly tipsy, or completely sober at the time of the incident—without an experienced DUI attorney on your side, the odds are against you regardless of your actual guilt or innocence. Our Columbia, MD DUI attorney has helped several people emerge from DUI charges with their freedom intact.

While it might not be possible to convince the judge to dismiss the charges altogether, we seek to at least decrease the severity of the charges and their associated punishments. With an inexperienced or careless attorney or no lawyer at all, it is much harder to avoid losing your license, incurring hefty fines, or serving jailtime.

A Truly In-Depth Review of Your DUI Case

At the Law Office of Monica Guilarte, we analyze every detail of your case, no matter how small. Instead of glossing over the subtleties of your DUI arrest like other attorneys, we take an in-depth look at the facts of your case. Even the slightest misstep by the police officer who pulled you over, the lab technicians who processed your BAC results, or the prosecution can result in a favorable outcome for you. To have a chance of receiving this outcome, you need a hardworking attorney willing to invest the time and energy required to identify these mistakes.

We understand the stakes are high after a DUI charge. This is precisely why we are willing to look into every possible legal defense to prove your innocence or reduce your penalties. A single mistake by a police officer, opposing counsel, or another involved party carries the potential to clear your name, set you free, and put this unfortunate incident behind you for good. Our DUI legal team is here to comb through all the evidence to find these mistakes, no matter how small they are.

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You deserve an explanation of Maryland’s DUI laws and we seek to understand and be understood by all clients. Our mission is not to impress you with complicated legal language; rather, we prioritize helping you understand the optimal legal strategy for your situation so we can work together to reduce or even eliminate your DUI charge. Call (301) 485-6104 today to set up a meeting and discuss the details of your charges.