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Debt Collections

The Law Office of Monica Guilarte provides services in both consumer and commercial debt collection all across the State of Maryland.

Guilarte Law is licensed, bonded and insured as a debt collection agency. Monica will guard your interests at every stage of the process.

NMLS ID#: 1677130

Collections include, but are not limited to:

  • martial arts schools,
  • dental offices,
  • property management companies,
  • apartment complexes,
  • homeowners associations,
  • attorney offices,
  • printing companies,
  • landlords, and
  • remodeling businesses.

The Law Office of Monica Guilarte is not a collection agency, but rather a collection law firm. A collection agency sends out letters and makes telephone calls to debtors, but then they are left with no further recourse. Unlike a collection agency, Monica is able to take your claims to another level by filing a lawsuit against debtors. Upon obtaining a judgment against a debtor, the Law Office of Monica Guilarte uses the appropriate legal resources to file post-judgment documents to liquidate on the judgment obtained. Rather than pay extra unnecessary fees to a collection agency, come directly to the Law Office of Monica Guilarte.

Most importantly, the Law Office of Monica Guilarte works on a contingency fee basis for the majority of collection matters. Therefore, Monica does not get paid if she doesn’t collect for you. Her interest in the claim is just as important as yours.

Delinquent accounts are an obstacle and task no business wants to deal with. Contact the Law Office of Monica Guilarte to learn how we can help you to obtain maximum recovery results on your delinquent accounts.