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If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it is essential that you contact a skilled DUI lawyer as soon as possible in order to begin crafting a strategic legal defense. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to beat the charge, clear your name, and return your life to normal. However, such an outcome is only possible if you are willing to ask for assistance from our Laurel DUI attorney.

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Charged with DUI in Laurel? Time is of the Essence

In the aftermath of receiving DUI charges, don’t simply assume that fines or jail time are inevitable. The Law Office of Monica Guilarte will do everything possible to overcome the charges or at least minimize your penalty. When you delay consulting with a lawyer, you run the risk of missing important deadlines in addition to prolonging this situation. Don’t wait any longer; contact our Laurel DUI attorney to start the process sooner rather than later to better your chances.

Legal Assistance Throughout the Entirety of Your DUI Case

We understand you need various forms of assistance following a DUI charge. We are here for you not only as DUI attorneys but as a source of ongoing support. We understand people make mistakes and we are here for you during this difficult period. When you meet with our DUI attorney, you are treated with compassion and respect no matter what. Let us review the unique facts of your DUI charge, craft a compelling legal defense, and represent you and your best interests on the path to justice.

Legal Strategies to Reduce or Eliminate Your DUI Charge

It’s easy to fall into a defeatist mindset following a DUI charge. While it’s difficult to eliminate a charge entirely, a proper legal defense still seeks to do so. When it’s not realistic to get charges dropped, our goal becomes reducing the charges and penalties to the greatest extent possible. There are countless factors that could help you and complicate things for the prosecution. Improperly administered sobriety tests, malfunctioning breathalyzer devices, administrative errors, a lack of probable cause, and insufficient evidence are just a few examples of defenses have resulted in dropped or reduced charges for Laurel residents charged with DUI.

A compelling defense has the potential to reduce your fine or even eliminate it altogether. We’ve helped countless drivers in the greater Laurel area avoid jail time after drunk driving charges. A strategic legal defense is especially important if you have been found guilty of DUI in the past. A repeat DUI charge is far more likely to result in a conviction that carries penalties such as extended jail time, hefty fines, and the permanent loss of your driver’s license.

Contact the Law Office of Monica Guilarte Today

If you’ve been charged with a DUI or a DWI in the Laurel, MD area, you need to contact a skilled attorney. Monica will work hard as your Laurel DUI lawyer to help you win your case, or minimize your punishment as much as possible. Give her a call at 301-485-6105 to get started.

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