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If you’re interested in an attorney that responds quickly, works diligently, and doesn’t make you feel like you’re just another walking dollar sign – this is the attorney to come to.
Prior to coming to this office, I’d been represented by a big time” attorney; you know, the ones that come up first on Google, located in a high rise building, and a waiting room filled with 10 different receptionists. I had to go through various people anytime I wanted to speak with my attorney, only to be told that my attorney was still in a meeting” or out of town”, or many, many other excuses. I often felt like I wasn’t being heard nor was I being appropriately cared for.
But this law office offers a completely different experience. The office is charming, and Monica will meet with you one on one. She listens carefully and gets to work on your case IMMEDIATELY.
Each and every client has the opportunity to be heavily involved in their case, often receiving updates, phone calls, emails, and sometimes even text messages from Monica personally. And if ever a message has to be left with her secretary, you can be assured that they are being forwarded, as Monica will actually return your call every time.
I’m very pleased to say that Monica has changed my personal opinion of attorneys, altogether. She’s hands-on and incredibly kind, but she’s a bulldog in the court! Seriously – check her scoreboard!
Chelsi H.